So excited to be part of Sci Fi genre short. Follow the production on Facebook HERE. I can't wait to start filming with this wonderful cast and crew. It has been love from the first audition. Stay tuned for more info!

My first film in Atlanta and I am super excited to be acting with this lovely group. That is all I am allowed to say for now ... details to come!

Through the power of authentic storytelling and theater, Anastasia was thrilled to be leading Sweet Potato Comfort Pie’s creative reflective process.  Sweet Potato Comfort Pie™ is an interactive movement that convenes in circle. Its pro-active ingredients – caring, conversation, connecting and celebration - are intentionally blended to promote relationships that build and also heal community. Rose McGee is the Creator of the Sweet Potato Comfort Pie Initiative and Co-Author of Story Circle Stories. Information about Sweet Potato Comfort Pie Info can be found  HERE and information about the Bush Foundation can be found HERE.

I have officially earned my MFA in Physical Theatre! My thesis, Ya Estaba Todo Dicho: The Gitana Structure for Devised Theatre, explores the use flamenco performance structure as a way to devise theatrical pieces. I am very excited to bring this process to students this Fall as Adjunct Faculty at Perimeter College at Georgia State University. Performances are Spring 2017. Check back for details!



Filming begins September 2016
A Fantasy Short Film
Directed by Tiara Lutin


Tea & Coffee
Filming begins October 2016

Story Circle Engagement: Sweet Potato Comfort Pie

May 9th and 10th

SteppingStone T
heatre Company – Special Devising Project

February - March,
Performances March 30, 31
and April 1

SOOT – Performance Art Piece Exploring Blackness in America


MFA in Physical Theatre - Accademia Dell’ Arte

Winter 2015
Anastasia just completed work on a  special youth project through SteppingStone Theatre Company.  She was given the gift of working with students from Washington Tech High School on exploring ways to bring Thorton Wilder’s Our Town to life from a Saint Paul perspective.   This workshop incorporated techniques discussed in her thesis, specifically, incorporating the components of a flamenco performance as a way to generate and perform material.  For additional information on this workshop and information on how to bring this program to you please
email Anastasia Wilson directly.

What does it REALLY mean to be Black in America?   This fast paced performance art piece looks at defining the impossible by incorporating the absurd.